How To Write Your First Business Plan” : (First Timer’s Guide 2nd Edition)




(Includes USA Friendly Content plus The Principles Taught In This Book Are Transferable To Any Country)
This 2nd Edition includes new topics like:
– Business Models and Lean Startup and how they relate to your business planning,
– Answers to common questions about a business plan,
– What it takes to write a business plan,
– Why you need to have a business plan,
– Why the business planning process is critical,
– Why you should write the business plan yourself
and other useful topics that bring this content right to the present day and propels your business idea towards success.

For example the concept of MVP (The Minimum Viable Product) explained in this book will save you time & money, help you secure some early adopters, generate sales etc

The reality is that whenever the word “Business Plan” is mentioned most people freeze! What follows are the words “I don’t know how to write one”. It needs not be this way.

That is why I have taken the lid off and written in plain English what needs to be considered and included within a business plan. This book has been written to help those who are writing plans for the first time or for those who write business plans infrequently (Even seasoned business plan writers will learn one or two things, I promise!) .

I have included two different types of Business Plan Templates. The first one is for those who feel they need a very “Comprehensive Business Plan” and the second template is what I have called a “Power Point template” that can assist you in writing a business plan in just a few hours.

Whichever one you choose to use, I want you to know that the information contained in this book has been used to help many start-up and growing businesses and I am confident will be of tremendous value to you.

Finally, I have included my personal email for those who need further assistance. This service will be offered FREE for now.

The Comprehensive Business Plan Template
The Five Parts of a Business Plan

Part 1: Marketing Plan: “What I Want To Do”
-Industry overview
-Sector overview
-Total Cost plus profit
-Competitors Price
-Ability for customers to pay
-Standard & Average Price
-Business Name
Part 2: Operations Plan: “How I Am Going To Do It”
-Business Structure
-Sole Trader/Self Employed
-Partnerships (Unlimited Liability)
-Limited Company (Limited by Liabilities)
-Company Limited by Guarantee
-Training Requirements
Part 3: The Financial Plan: “What It Will Cost To Do It”
-What does a Cash flow Forecast look like?
-Profit and loss account
Part 4: Appendices: “Additional Supportive Information”
-Letters of intent
-Letters of recommendation
-Other Literature
Part 5: Executive Summary
-Business Challenges and how I plan to overcome them
-How much do you need?

The Power Point Business Plan Template

Slide One: You guessed right Yes! The Cover Page.
Slide Two: Guessed yet? Ok it’s “Business Background”
Slide Three: “What You Have Achieved So Far”
Slide Four: “The Opportunities As You See It”
Slide Five: “The Team”
Slide Six: “Your Business Model”
Slide Seven: “Income/Financial Potential”
Slide Eight: “How Much Do You Need”
Slide Nine: “When You Will Pay Back – Exit Strategy/Repayment”
Slide Ten: “Contact Details”

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