How To Write Your First Book: 12 Surefire Hacks


This book is a straightforward, no fluff, actionable guide that can be used to write your first book/s. I give you strategies that I have practiced that work, so you may not need to reinvent the wheel but develop it. At the time of writing this book Amazon Platforms are still the dominant online publishers and I focus on using them as the vehicle to publish your books. As I write this, I want to warmly welcome you to this wonderful industry that allows you to creatively express yourself, reach people that you never thought was possible and hopefully make a living too. I pray that you will use what is clearly presented in this guide and achieve benefits far beyond what I have received. My one request is that if you gained value from this book – which I know you will, post a review, tell others about it, and write to me as well. Enjoy! Your friendly author Boomy Tokan



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