“70 Public Speaking Tips” (Beginner’s Guide Book 3)




“70 Public Speaking Tips”

Has been written to give individuals the tools and techniques to overcome the fear that limits them from delivering great speeches. Boomy Tokan reveals the how-to’s of effective Public Speaking, and reveals how anyone can learn and implement them.

For all who need to make presentations in the workplace, at school or an event and expects someone to listen, 70 Public Speaking Tips provides an insider’s guide on how to present effectively

You will receive the exact steps needed to create a speech that will keep your audience engaged. The book is easy to follow, inspiring to read and designed to motivate you to become the best speaker you never thought you could be!

Topics covered include:

-Why You Need This Skill

Why some people have the fear of speaking in public. – It’s origin and development

-Psychology of public speaking (Part 1) – The internal dialogue of the person that hates public speaking.

Psychology of public speaking (Part 2) – The internal dialogue of the ‘Successful’ public speaker

-How to overcome fear, stage fright and shyness of Public Speaking

Public Speaking exercises that will change you into a great speaker forever

-10 Tips that will help you captivate an audience

The Ultimate Public Speaking Preparation ‘The 7 Most Do’s’ – How to prepare

-How to choose an engaging topic and incorporate relevant stories

Foods which aid better Public Speaking

-The Biggest Secret is the ‘Secret of Practicing’



Boomy Tokan (who writes Business & Christian Books) is the founder and business tutor of “Start Your Business in 30 Days” programme. His experience spans across practical involvement in business and training of more than 1000 Start Up Business owners.

He has set up and run businesses in Property, Music, Management, and Fashion industries. Many were very successful and others failed miserably. Through them all he has learnt tremendous lessons that make him a knowledgeable, instructive and experienced teacher!

Whilst at Portobello Business Centre in London (One of the leading Enterprise Centres in Europe), Boomy Tokan created and delivered Business Training Programs plus One to One advice to Start Up Business. He has also taught “The Business Planning” programme at City University London.

Over the past years he has helped raise thousands in small amounts for small businesses. His experience on writing business plans and his understanding of how to raise finance has been of great benefit for many people.

As a Business Seminar Speaker he continues to contribute to the lives of many people. Those who attend his courses say: “This facilitator knows what he is about and has a wide field of experience” Charles A “I realise that I can just get up and do it….” Ros S “Very insightful and encouraging” Precious O “Great workshop” Peter D “This workshop was very helpful” Lillian J and many more!

Boomy believes in giving back to the community and so he runs courses for Newham Business Start Up in London where he helps the underprivileged to access life transforming business information.

He has written over 100 articles for ezine.com and is a author of 3 books (“How to Write Your First Business Plan: With Outline and Templates Book”; “New Year’s Resolutions: The Guide to Getting It Right”; “How to Raise Money for Your Business: The Ultimate Guide For Start Up Businesses”) published on Amazon Kindle that have entered the top 100 of the Entrepreneurship and motivational categories. His books are simply loaded with useful information that is life changing.

His book on “How To Write Your First Business Plan” has received over twenty four 5 Star reviews with comments like:

” This is really a comprehensive guide to writing a business plan.” Sandra

” The book reads very easily, and the examples provided allow for a quick understanding of what the author is writing about.” Luke Glasscock

” It was detailed while still maintaining a comprehensible overview of the structure and what should be taken into account when writing your business plan. ” Michael Matthews

E: boomy@startyourownbusinessacademy.com .
M: +44 7932394620
for any questions

Also Collect your FREE “Start Your Own Business In 30 Days” Guide at: http://startyourownbusinessacademy.com/free-bonus-download/

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