Blogger To Beauty Millionaire

Isabella Desirée Löwengrip also known as “Blondinbella” is a Swedish entrepreneur, author, lecturer and blogger .


Isabella was born on October 21, 1990 in Järfälla. Löwengrip attended secondary school at Jensen Gymnasium Norra in Stockholm. During her secondary school period she was politically active within the Moderate Youth League (Swedish: Moderata ungdomsförbundet, MUF). She has now left the Moderate Party.


In September 2005, at the age of 13, Isabella Löwengrip started the blog Blondinbella and thereby became one of Sweden’s first social influencers.In 2010 was Sweden’s largest private blog and Isabella Löwengrip was named Business Networker of the Year by Business Network International. Today Isabella has the biggest blog in the Nordics with more than one million visitors a month.


At the age of 16 Isabella Löwengrip founded her first company in 2007, Bellme AB. She has since then been editor-in-chief for Egoboost Magazine, chairman of the board of Vj1890, played a role in the movie “Orion”, and participated in a number of entertainment programmes, both as a host and guest.


In 2008 Löwengrip participated in the Swedish version of Dancing with The Stars, called Let’s Dance, as one of the celebrity contestants. And she was an interviewer at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards in New York City.


On August 31, 2013 Isabella Löwengrip married Odd Spångberg. The couple has two children together. On May 11, 2017 Löwengrip announced on her blog that she and Spångberg is getting a divorce


Isabella Löwengrip is the founder and owner of a number of companies, amongst others:


The parent company Löwengrip Invest invest in e-trade and internet services, with a special focus on young and new entrepreneurs.


Economista, publishing house that produces books and a podcast about personal finances.


Löwengrip Care & Color (LCC) has developed skin and hair products for the Swedish market since 2012.


Flattered, producer of ballerina shoes for indoor and outdoor use.



Business Networker of the Year (BNI) (2010)


Communicator of the Year (Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden) (2011)


Blog of the Year, business (Blog Awards, Veckorevyn) ( 2013)


One of Sweden’s most powerful mothers (magazine Mama) ( 2016)


One of Sweden’s Digital Super Influencer of the Year (Hammer & Hamburg) (2016 )

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