A leading organization that promotes business start-up and growth, entrepreneurship and the socio-economic welfare of individuals and families! Established in 2o14 we have a virtual presence in 3 continents: Europe, America and Africa. our vision has always been global. Join us and start the journey to your prosperity.

To be the best organization worldwide in promoting and investing in business start-ups and entrepreneurship. To promote excellence, integrity, and leadership in the pursuit and conduct of business affairs.


  • To provide a networking platform for entrepreneurs, business people, freelancers, investors and those with general interests.
  • To make available articles, expert views and case studies to aid growth and development of members.
  • To organise exhibitions, fairs, seminars and mentorship programmes aimed at promoting business, entrepreneurship and knowledge.
  • To be profitable for our members, workers, and shareholders in carrying out our activities.
  • To advance the business interests and growth of members on all platforms both virtual and physical.
  • To encourage a high standard of excellence in business conduct, practice and delivery among members and the society in general.
  • To set up ‘Commitment to Excellence’ as an international kite mark for businesses to attain

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